OMG Network OMG Crypto Coin Review

OMG Network is an active crypto coin currently for sale on most major crypto exchanges, with the coin symbol of OMG.

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OMG Network (OMG)

OMG Network coin logo.

The OMG Network was designed to be used by businesses in order to create systems that are able to use a blockchain to transfer value between various digital and fiat currencies all in a secure, quick and low-fee manner.

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, OMG plans to integrate itself with other blockchain networks and traditional payment providers to allow businesses to transfer value from one blockchain to another, in both crypto coins and traditional payment methods such as Visa bank cards.


  • Coin Symbol: OMG
  • Circulating Supply: 140 Million
  • Launch Date: July 2017

More Information:

  • Official Whitepaper: N/A
  • Official Website: Click Here