The Hustle Team

The team at are always working, researching, and testing behind the scenes with the latest auto-trading bots, new crypto exchanges, and the latest crypto coins to hit the market. Meet the people behind the team here...

Andy Team Pic


Andy is a co-developer of Hustle Reviews and takes part in reviewing a wide variety of online side hustles. He likes to diverse his investment across multiple platforms and spends far too much time constantly refreshing stat pages, impatiently waiting for them to refresh.

Location: UK
Favourite Crypto: Bitcoin (BTC)
Favourite Investment Type: EFT Stocks

Luca team photo.


Luca is a co-developer of Hustler Reviews. In his free time, he likes to pursue new and upcoming side hustles and passive income opportunities. He also enjoys reviewing said side hustles, and income opportunities. Amongst those ventures, he also spends way too much time trying on suits.

Location: Australia
Favourite Crypto: Ripple (XRP)
Favourite Investment Type: Trading Bots

Laszlo team page photo.


Laszlo is a full-time entrepreneur who has been hustling since he was a little kid, he loves helping people and seeing others succeed, when he isn’t working on, looking for or reviewing a new business opportunity you’ll find him grinding it out on his road bike.

Location: Australia
Favourite Crypto:
Ethereum (ETH)
Favourite Investment Type: NFT's

Team member Jaxon's photo.


Jaxon is a co-developer/writer at Hustle Reviews. He is currently involved with AI Marketing, cryptocurrency, stocks and Senexa, with a goal to own at least 3-4 rental properties as his mainstream passive income. He’s a full-time University student that should probably spend more time studying and less time refreshing stats tabs.

Location: Australia
Favourite Crypto:
Ripple (XRP)
Favourite Investment Type: Crypto

Team member Luke's photo.


Luke is our resident spreadsheet superhero. He develops the calculators and investment spreadsheets that we use to plan and monitor our endeavours, from profit calculators to investment trackers. When investing, he likes to ensure diversity across multiple platforms in order to minimise risk.

Location: UK
Favourite Crypto:
What's Crypto?
Favourite Investment Type: Dividends