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The team at Hustle Reviews has been testing out for a few weeks and is still using it with success.

Prolific allows you to complete online surveys and take part in engaging research opportunities that pay you in cash for your honesty and for your time.

Read our full review below and find out if it's still worth your time taking part in paid surveys in 2021.

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Our Rating of Prolific

We've rated at 3.8/5 based on our five rating areas of trust, profitability, ease of use, speed, and accessibility.

Trust: How trustworthy is the website? Is it real, is it a scam etc. Do they payout?
Profitability: How much profit you can make when using the platform?
Ease of Use: How easy is it to sign up, start surveys and withdraw?
Speed: How fast can you expect to make a profit and see returns?
Accessibility: Are the surveys accessible in my country and/or are there any limitations of use?

Hustle Reviews Prolific Rating Card

Trust Rating: 5/5
The company is widely used by a range of universities around the world, giving them a huge amount of credibility with the team. Currently, we have had no issues with the approval of any surveys that have been completed. Pay-out has also been confirmed, it can take up to 5 days, however, we usually receive it sooner.

Profitability Rating: 3/5
The profitability rate has dropped marks due to the amount of time required to make a reasonable amount.  Compared to other methods reviewed by the Hustle Reviews team, this is a very involved hustle, rather than a passive income.
Typically, we see rates of GBP£6 / USD$8 / AUD$11 up to GBP£9 / USD$12 / AUD$17 per hour (pro-rata based on the estimated time to undertake the survey.

East of Use: 4/5
The system itself is very easy to use to select and undertake surveys.
The team has dropped a mark as surveys are taken off-site, meaning they could use a variety of different survey systems, sometimes with a learning curve on how they work.  Some surveys also require you to manually enter your Prolific ID and the Completion Code.

Speed: 4/5
From testing by the Hustle Team, most surveys during the week are approved within a couple to 24 hours. There is a delay at the weekend, as we would expect. Once the survey has been approved, your account is immediately credited.

Accessibility: 3/5 is currently available in all OECD countries (see here), except Turkey, Lithuania, Columbia & Costa Rice. The only exception to this is South Africa, where the website is available.

Getting Started & Account Creation

Step One
In order to sign up for the Prolific website, head over to their website here.

Step Two
Hit the “Sign Up” button in the top right and select “Take Studies”.

Step Three
Enter your details and hit “Sign Up”. This will then send you a verification email. Head to your mailbox and verify.

Step Four
Once you’re logged in, you’ll want to head to “About You”. This is where you will enter your information so that the surveys you get are available to you. Fill in as much as you can/want to, for the best chance of getting surveys you can undertake. About You Page

Step Five
Now you’re ready for your first surveys. Although they aren’t always available, the team has been offered a wide variety. One Hustle Team member completed 55 in one week, bringing in almost £40.

As you will see in the image above, your dashboard will list all surveys on the left, with more details on the right when you select it.

The left side has the most important information: How much you’ll get paid, how long it’s estimated to take, and how that would work on a per-hour basis. This per-hour basis allows you to compared surveys and completes the most profitable ones first. The icons also show if the survey can be completed on a phone, tablet, or computer.
Once you’re happy with the survey press “Reserve place”.

Step Six
Once you reserve your space, you will have 10 minutes to begin the survey before it is released back to the open market. Pressing start now will begin the survey and take you away from the website.

At any point, if the survey asks for your Prolific ID, you can copy and paste it from the reservation page highlighted above. User Dashboard Survey Registration

Step Seven
Sometimes the survey will complete automatically, sometimes it will give you a completion code like below:

You must ensure the completion code is entered onto the website, otherwise, you will not be credited for the survey.

Step Eight
Sit back, relax, and wait for your payment, or take some more surveys.

Inside Your Account

The submissions page keeps a record of all the surveys you have to undertake along with their status. Awaiting Review and Approved are self-explanatory. If your survey has been declined, you should receive a message from the host with an explanation of why. If the status is returned (as seen above), this is because you have quit or left the survey after it has started. Submissions Page

Your Settings
If you select the currency in the top right (highlighted above), it will load your general settings. First, ensure you have linked your Paypal account. This shows the amount that you have pending (awaiting approval) and how much is in your account to be withdrawn. If you have an active withdrawal, you can hover over the button to show the details.

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